Company Profile

graphite manufacturing for several industrial applications

Thirty nine-year Experience

L.G. Graphite s.r.l has a thirty nine-year experience in graphite manufacturing for several industrial applications.

The very first phase specialization, at the beginning of 1980’s, was in the diamond sintering field, where the company has reached a leading role in Italy and worldwide.

Starting from the 1990’s the company began to approach different other fields, in a diversification programme, targeting graphite’s applications in industrial high-temperature field.

"We're a family company and we work hard to guarantee to our Customers advanced technology solutions and excellent service, in compliance with environmental regulations. Our products shall stand out for their quality and for producing a durable benefit to the users. Our philosophy, quality, eco-friendship and respect for Partners, Suppliers and Customers are and must continue to remain keystones of our success. Partners, Suppliers and Customers are cornerstones for any successfull company"

Contardi Gianni Luigi, Amministratore delegato e fondatore dell’azienda

Since the very beginning, the whole production-cycle is based in Italy; Customers’ suppliying is directly managed and carried out together with international partners.

Only direct contacts with our Customers.

We patronise only worldwide approved high-quality materials suppliers.