Applications - Graphite Processing

high precision graphite products

Products made to customer specifications


We supply high precision graphite-based products for different applications.

All our products are tailored to meet the specific requirenments of our Customers and their specific applications.

The key for the development of our new products is the satisfaction of our custome’s exigencies.

L.G.Graphite s.r.l selects the best graphites avilable in the market to meet each specific requirement.


Material with a long tradition but, thanks to the characteristics that make it unique, increasingly used for technologically advanced uses in numerous fields of application.

The materials used in the processing of each individual product are carefully recorded, in order to guarantee full traceability of the product and the production process.

Carbon and graphite are materials that do not represent any danger to the environment. The Company has always been sensitive to the adoption of materials and production processes that respect the environment and man.